3 Ways To Make The Most Your Stay At A Pheasant Hunting Lodge

3 Ways To Make The Most Your Stay At A Pheasant Hunting Lodge

27 April 2020
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Pheasants are considered small game, but in many ways, pheasant hunting is more difficult than large game hunting. Pheasants must be shot while they're in the air, which makes them an excellent test of your aim and accuracy. If you love pheasant hunting and would like to make a vacation of it, you can book a room at a lodge dedicated exclusively to the sport. Here are three tips that will help you make the most of your stay at one of these hunting lodges:

1. Bring your own dogs.

Hunting dogs and pheasant hunting go hand in hand. Dogs can be used to flush pheasants out of the brush, and they're invaluable for retrieving downed pheasants. Hunters train their dogs with the utmost patience and care, and no other dog will be able to serve you the way your own hunting dog can. Fortunately, hunting lodges know how important canine assistants are. Many lodges give hunters the option of bringing their own dogs with them during their stay.

2. Take advantage of skilled hunting guides.

Pheasants are ground-dwelling birds. In order to protect themselves, they hide in tall grass where predators can't easily find them. Unfortunately, this makes pheasants difficult for many hunters to spot as well. Beginning hunters with untrained eyes often have an especially hard time. When you stay at a pheasant hunting lodge, you can take advantage of guided hunting trips. These hunting trips are led by guides who have been on countless pheasant hunts. They can point out pheasants and use their own dogs to flush them out, so you can spend more of your time shooting and less time searching the grass.

3. Come back to the lodge in the off-season.

Pheasant hunting season is relatively short. It often occurs in the late fall and winter months between November and January, although the exact dates can vary by state. You can certainly take advantage of a pheasant hunting lodge during hunting season. However, if you enjoy the ambiance and locale, you may want to return for another vacation during the off-season. Many hunting lodges accept guests all year long. When hunting isn't a possibility, you can still enjoy the natural beauty of the grounds surrounding the lodge. Rooms can usually be rented for a discounted rate during the off-season, so it's a good time for hunters and families to take advantage of an inexpensive vacation. Visit a company like Ringnecks Hunting Lodge online to learn more.