Greek siesta

The basis of everyday Greek life is siesta. This tradition is under a completely objective justification. It is physically impossible to work or reside in the city streets during the hottest time of the day. Thats why society and physicians says about the benefits of the siesta. Nowadays many residents of large cities have a siesta in the afternoon to go home for dinner.

There were several attempts to «abolish» siesta. But every time the opponents of this revolution were the owners of small shops. It was completely unprofitable to hire additional workers at a time until others will relax. Opponents might say that the rare shop in Greece today is not air-conditioned, so perhaps a siesta tradition has lost some of its original meaning, but not the general sense. It is really impossible to do something when the outside temperature is +40 degrees.

Siesta is called the «Spanish yoga». Modernsiestais:

sleeping after a meal with up to 30 minutes;

the best place for a short sleep are sofa or a comfortable chair;

siesta contraindicated for those suffering from insomnia and have trouble with sleep-wake cycles;

resting at 4 pm is especially necessary for children.

siesta enhances memory and concentration, clears the threshold of consciousness and allows you to start a new phase of brain activity to a waking state.