Famous beauties in ancient Greece

The noble woman did not make make-up in ancient Greece. They lived in the shadows in the women's half of the house and hid the skin from the sun. They enjoyed a massage, had a luxurious hair and enjoyed the rare spices from Asia. A make-up was a lot of hetairais.

Hetairais make-up their eyebrows with antimony and combined them into a single line, because it considered to be beautiful. These rosy cheeks using mulberry juice or juice from the root alkanes dye.

Aspasia (V in. BC. E.)was a beautiful hetairai. Phidias sculptor and Pericles the ruler of Athens were in love with her. She was also famous for her intelligence. Socrates listened to her reasoning with interest and condescend to the dispute with her. Aspasia married Pericles, and after his death she married the popular leader Lizikl. She wrote two treatises on the art of make up. This book enjoyed great success among the ladies of her profession. Noble women also had read this book secretly.


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Greek siesta

The basis of everyday Greek life is siesta. This tradition is under a completely objective justification. It is physically impossible to work or reside in the city streets during the hottest time of the day. Thats why society and physicians says about the benefits of the siesta. Nowadays many residents of large cities have a siesta in the afternoon to go home for dinner.

There were several attempts to «abolish» siesta. But every time the opponents of this revolution were the owners of small shops. It was completely unprofitable to hire additional workers at a time until others will relax. Opponents might say that the rare shop in Greece today is not air-conditioned, so perhaps a siesta tradition has lost some of its original meaning, but not the general sense. It is really impossible to do something when the outside temperature is +40 degrees.


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Earthquakes in Greece

It's no secret that earthquakes are common in Greece. It seems that the adverse seismic conditions are a kind of payback to the nature for the perfect climate and blessed nature of the Mediterranean. These phenomena unaware the land of Greece since immemorial time: even familiar word «seismos» had come from Greek language. The seismological situation in Greece does not stop tourists, that are attracted by the paradise climate, beautiful landscapes and seas. A modern seismological service do everything to prevent the destruction and casualties and inform the public about the alleged tremors.

Volcanic eruption is no less frightening event. Watching the eruptions of Etna the ancient Greeks were convinced that it is workshop of Hephaestus who was a god of fire. One of the most catastrophic eruptions in the world took place about 1628 BC. The next one was Santorini volcano. The giant wave swept away everything alive in its path and tsunami had covered Crete and reached the northern coast of Africa. Myths say that this eruption has led to the decline of the Minoan civilization. It is also believed that famous Atlantis was Santorini island. Now we can go on a santorini volcano tour and watch the most beautiful shores in black and red colors.


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