Finding A City Apartment That Allows Your Pet

Finding A City Apartment That Allows Your Pet

12 May 2020
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Plenty of more rural rentals allow pets, but what if you want to live in the city? Do you feel like every rental ad you come across says, in big letters, "No Pets"? It's understandable that a landlord would not want to take the risk of having a pet in their place, but if you have a dog, cat, or another type of furry friend, this is pretty discouraging. Luckily, pet-friendly apartments in the city do exist. You just have to dig around a little. Here's how.

Ask fellow pet owners.

Are you a member of any groups for pet owners in your area? If not, consider joining one. There are dog walking groups and groups that meet up at local parks. There are even groups on social media you can join without having to venture out and interact with anyone in person! Ask the other group members where they live; they may know of some communities that welcome pets. There may be some apartments that take pets upon request but that do not advertise this fact, as they do not want too many pets on the premises. The other pet owners in your city will know where these places are.

Ask for exceptions.

If you find an apartment community you love, but pets are not allowed, write the owner a nice letter requesting an exemption. Only do this if your pet truly is well behaved and thoroughly house-broken. Explain how well trained your pet is, and include evidence to back this up—a certificate from a training program or a letter from a trainer who worked with your dog works well. You can include pictures of your pet and even offer to pay an additional pet deposit or pet rent if needed. Not every rental company will say yes to your request, but it's worth a try.

Focus on higher-end communities.

When searching for apartments, focus your search on higher-end, more luxury apartment communities. These are more likely to not only allow pets, but to offer amenities, you need as a pet owner, like an on-site dog park and washing area. While you will have to pay more for rent, you will also get more for your money. You may be able to nix your gym membership and use the apartment gym, for example. 

There are apartment communities that welcome pets in most cities, and if you follow the tips above, you can find them. Good luck, and enjoy your furry friend. 

For more information, reach out to a luxury apartment community that allows pets.