How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Reception Center Tour

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Reception Center Tour

23 September 2020
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Deciding where to hold your reception can be a difficult process. There are so many choices, and many of them might have exactly what you are looking for in terms of look and feel for your day. You should always take a tour of any wedding reception center you are considering. In fact, it's a good idea to plan several tours. You never know what you might find that you hadn't thought of before for your wedding reception.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your wedding reception center tour.

Prepare Ahead of Time

You should always do your research on any wedding reception center you are looking at, including those in hotels. Each one will have something a little different to offer, and even their architecture and decor can give a different feel to your reception. Because of this, prepare for your tour ahead of time.

This means that you should take any research you have found online, from reviews, the hotel's websites, or even independent wedding websites that list great places to hold your wedding reception and form some questions to ask. Know what you want to see, and ask for more details about amenities you are interested in that aren't covered online.

Document Your Tour

When you are taking your wedding reception center tour, make sure to document as much as possible. This means taking notes from what the wedding director tells you, including the answers to your questions. Also, document what the atmosphere in the hotel is like. Are the staff friendly? Did you meet the caterer or anyone else who will deal with your wedding other than the planner? Document how big the hotel is and what is included in any packages they offer.

Also, take lots of pictures. Take pictures of the reception center itself, the façade of the hotel, the lobby, and the restaurant. If you want to take a tour of the rooms (should you plan to stay there yourself or have your guests stay overnight), you might want to remember what the accommodations looked like. Also, take pictures of other amenities such as the pool area and fitness center.

Get Lots of Pamphlets

It might seem unnecessary, but while you are on your wedding reception center tour, get lots of pamphlets for attractions nearby, menus of the restaurant and room service if they are available, and vendor information the hotel likes to deal with. This can come in handy in helping you decide which wedding reception center works the best for your needs.

If you have out-of-town guests, they might like to see local sights or take tours, so the attraction pamphlets are great for planning excursions. If you want to stay at the hotel on your wedding night, you might want to know what room service offers or even what to help you plan your meal plan with your caterer.

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