Tips For A Great Hotel Stay With Your Pet

Tips For A Great Hotel Stay With Your Pet

15 February 2023
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It's never been easier to take a vacation and bring your pet along with you. There are so many hotels pet friendly now, that many dog and cat owners don't feel the need to board their pets in a kennel but can take them along on the trip.  

It's a good idea to follow a few certain tips to ensure that you and your pet have a great time at the pet-friendly hotel. Here are some tips to ensure your visit is a good one.

Take Your Pet To The Hotel's Pet-sitting Service

You will find that most hotels pet friendly to their guests offer pet-sitting services so you never have to leave your pet alone in the room. This is great for dogs who get lonely if they are by themselves for a certain period of time and may bark. There are a lot of dogs who enjoy playing with others and being with people that will have a much happier time if they are not left in the room alone.

Many cats are also social and enjoy being around other cats, dogs, and even people. If your cat or other small pet prefers to be on their own if you aren't around, many pet-friendly hotels still offer areas where your cat or other small animals can still be around people but can enjoy time by themselves as well.

This gives you peace of mind that you can enjoy your excursions without worrying about leaving your pet alone in your room for too long.

Bring Their Bed Or Blanket With You

So your pet feels more comfortable while staying in a hotel, bring their bed or blanket from home. This gives them a sense of well-being and comfort for dogs or cats that might feel a bit uneasy when traveling. If you have forgotten your pet's bed or blanket from home, many hotels pet-friendly for their guests will offer beds, blankets, and even toys for your dog or cat's comfort.

Along the same lines, you may also bring your pet's own food and water bowls from home. Some dogs and cats like to have their own bowl to eat and drink from and in fact, won't eat from any other bowl but their own. If your pet is less picky about their food and water bowls, you can request your pet-friendly hotel for these items as well. 

In some cases, you can buy bowls, beds, or blankets from the hotel and bring them home with you. They can make a great souvenir of your time away with your pet.

Look for pet-friendly hotels to find out more.